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The Best Features for a Security Camera

A home security camera is a helpful tool for keeping an eye on your home and even your pets, giving you peace of mind when you are away or at work. Most cameras can create and store video, as long as you keep are in your home at all times. You should read the best 4k security camera system guide and see what is right for your needs.

Motion Detector

camera security monitoringWith so many options for solutions that include multiple cameras, it can be challenging to find the wireless security camera system you are looking for. They offer a wide range of features, such as motion detection, motion tracking, and video recording, as well as a variety of security devices and alarms. This will alarm you if there are any slightest suspicious activities detected.

Night Vision

Burglars often avoid daylight to commit their crimes. This is to prevent being exposed or caught. Unfortunately, consumer night vision cameras are only designed for short distances and therefore have a predetermined brightness. This means that they tend to overexpose what is nearby, making objects and people appear “blown out” and lacking in detail. So much for trying to spot the bad guys. With Smart IR, subjects appear correctly exposed and in full detail. Its usefulness is limited if a camera cannot capture and send a correctly exposed and sharp image day and night.

Adequate Power Supply

There is no doubt that the power supply is of paramount importance for your video surveillance cameras. To ensure your video surveillance system’s stability and reliability, users and contractors should choose a top-notch power supply. An inadequate quality power supply can lead to image distortion, flickering, and even damage to the security camera hardware.

Some contractors find that the power capacity is not enough in the actual installation, so they need to apply additional power supply. The security camera requires a significant amount of power when it is first turned on, in addition to the power consumption for transmission. Therefore, to calculate the total energy required, it is unnecessary to add up all cameras’ scaled power.

Audio Recording

The value of audio in security systems cannot be overstated, but unfortunately, it is often overlooked, unlike videos. This is somewhat understandable, as, for a long time, audio lagged behind video in terms of functionality, and audio capabilities were not always available alongside surveillance. Today, however, audio capabilities have caught up with videos, and the two form a solid security team. Adding sound to a security system means adding a new information source that needs to be collected, evaluated, interpreted, and applied.

Two-way communication has transformed sound systems from passive detection systems to active engagement systems. If the threat is detected immediately, it occurs without endangering security personnel. This is intelligent security.…

Home Security

How Technology is Improving Home Security

For a home to be a suitable area to live, it has to be safe. Nobody wants to live in fear, and therefore, using technology, people came up with security measures. Before technology, the most common steps involved having a guard. However, now you can monitor your home from miles away. It has made a significant impact on home security now and is continuing to improve it.

Surveillance and alarm systems have become more diverse and efficient. This has reduced burglaries because you can get a faster response from security companies or the police. The continuous and fast advancements have helped secure homes and even other property. Below is a list of three ways in which technology is helping improve home safety.


It is now much easier to monitor your home and know everything that is going on around it. This is useful for when you are away and also when you are at home. In case you see any suspicious activity, you can call for help before any damage is done. There are also hidden cameras that you can place inside your home for extra security. This can give you evidence of anyone that tried to break in and was not caught by the visible external cameras. Your home is much safer with technology, and you don’t have to leave anyone at home.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems have radically evolved. Motion sensors can trigger an alarm when set, and this will help you know if there is someone in your home or compound. You can quickly turn these systems on and off with your smartphone. Some allow you to lock or unlock doors when triggered automatically. These new alarm systems far much improve home security because you can respond fast and from a far distance. With more technology on the rise, home security will be nothing to worry about.

Smart Lock Systems

These systems help you securely lock your home. Some locks come with fingerprint scanners. Even with a key, you still need to scan your fingerprint. It is tough for burglars to enter with this type of lock. They may also trigger the alarm system when a wrong fingerprint is detected, or a forced entry is attempted. When you are close to your home, they can recognize your presence via your phone’s Bluetooth and unlock your doors for you. The only challenge with this is that your phone’s Bluetooth has to be on.

Your smart lock system can be connected with any of the smart rigs in your home. Cooling and heating can be prepared for you on arrival instead of leaving them on. Other than this, there are many more ways technology has secured homes. Get yourself a smart security system today.…

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